How to Make your Property Stand Out in 2024

At the beginning of the year 2024, we want to share some real estate recommendations with you. Here are some tools to help you stand out from the competition and start the year on the right foot.

Observing the constant growth of inventory in the Eastern Townships real estate market, it becomes even more important to review certain essential strategies.

The differentiation of a property in a growing inventory lies in thoughtful and professional marketing. The action plan should consider various aspects such as the assessment or re-assessment of the property’s market value, its position in the current competition, and finally, establishing an effective digital marketing strategy. Here’s an overview of these crucial aspects.


The market value of a property

In 2023, the demand for real estate remained strong despite a slight market slowdown in the second half of the year. Transactions are taking place at a more moderate pace compared to previous years, and with buyers having a bit more choice, the importance of listing at a fair price becomes even more crucial.

Having your property assessed by an experienced broker, active in the appropriate sector and in tune with the market, is, of course, an important starting point. The broker should have experience with the target clientele and be familiar with the competition. This way, they can appreciate the market value of your property much more accurately and be a credible witness to potential buyers.

Adding expertise such as a certified appraisal to your file can strengthen your broker’s opinion of the market value. This report, in addition to supporting the asking price, can also be used in the buyer’s financing application if their financial institution considers it. It’s a tool that serves the transaction and also confirms the sometimes-complex decision to set a selling price.

Supply and demand also play a crucial role. The value of a house fluctuates based on supply and demand. These datas can change over time and during different periods of the year. This dynamic interaction directly influences real estate prices. The real estate broker will guide you in this process; it’s their job.


Property presentation

To succeed in selling a property, it’s essential that buyers can imagine living there fully. Presenting your property in a welcoming, clean, and tidy manner is a cost-effective ABC that pays off immensely.

Pay attention to smells, storage spaces, lighting to evoke a positive emotion about your property. A house can sometimes lack that “wow” factor, and you don’t know why. Home Staging services can make all the difference. Our team can connect you with these skilled hands that generally bring back the time and money invested.

Finally, the professional aspect of photographs is crucial. They must be of impeccable quality, accurately capturing the brightness, materials, and true size of the rooms. Investing in professional images reinforces the first impression and piques the interest of potential buyers. Your Century 21 broker will guide you in preparing photos for the most successful result with their expert photographer.


Marketing strategies

An effective marketing strategy is also a decisive element for the success of selling a property. When you want to sell, the target audience should easily spot your property during their searches. Social media plays a major role in this strategy, but again, the image must be well-groomed and tasteful to showcase your real estate.

More and more potential buyers consult social media before even visiting the real estate agency’s website. Quick access to these platforms saves time. At Century 21 Estrie, you benefit from increased visibility on social media through our collaboration with Dream Homes of Canada and Luxury Real Estate websites.

There are other important marketing strategies, such as appearing in the local newspaper, billboards, newsletters, etc. In summary, what we see here is that a strategy is needed in the choice of platforms to adapt to the target clientele of the property. Each marketing approach is unique, just like your property.

A fair market value, impeccable presentation, and thoughtful marketing strategy are key elements that will lead your real estate transaction to success.


For any further questions, feel free to contact one of our experienced brokers. We’ll be delighted to collaborate with you in the sale or purchase of a property. See you soon!


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